Cumulative Trauma Injuries

I Am Always In Pain But I Don’t Remember Getting Injured

Cumulative trauma (CT) injuries are the second most common workplace injury causing employees to lose time from work. Cumulative trauma injuries can affect any type of employee-young or old, new or long-time and office or manufacturing employees.

Cumulative trauma injuries affect employees who are doing the same motion over and over for an extended period of time. Doing the same motion can cause muscles, tendons and joints to be damage.

Types of Injuries

Workstation Injuries

Continuous standing on hard surfaces
Continuous sitting on inadequate chairs
Inadequate mobility
Excessive reaches
Inadequate heights: work surfaces and chairs Inadequate clearance Glare and inadequate lighting

Back and Neck Injuries

Awkward lifting, twisting, pushing or pulling Bending over Working with a bent neck

Wrist, Arm and Shoulder Injuries

Repetitive motions
Forceful motions
Posture: bent wrist
Posture: extended elbow
Direct pressure on the palm
Exposure to vibrating equipment or tools Excess cold Static load


The symptoms may be an early warning of the development of cumulative trauma injuries

* Tingling and numbness of fingers
* Reduced pain and temperature sensitivity
* Reduced grip strength
* Poor posture
* Pain and impairment in the upper arm, hands, wrist, shoulder and back